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This June is proving to be a busy month for Celebrations. Two to three weddings each weekend and during the week. I am on my toes. The fun part is meeting new vendors and of course the couples. Meeting with the couples I believe is the best part of this job. I am lucky enough to have a big variety of couples over the next month. I have had some great times with couples in May. July brings more fun for me, I will be blessing the baby sister of a 2yo that I did a blessing for 2 years ago. That makes me happy and I can’t wait. Not so exciting times was officiating two funerals, two and a half months apart. One was the husband the other his wife. I knew the couple for 31 years and it was hard for me but, I would not have ever said no. It was a celebration of both of their lives and I am happy that I got to be a part of it. I will try to post more as the summer goes on and I officiate more weddings. Blessings on everyone and if you need me for anything please feel free to send a message.